Exchange 2007 video review – Exchange roles

by ron on April 27, 2007

Exchange 2007 - part 10 - RolesThe most basic type of Exchange 2003 installation you can do is to simply install it on one server.

If that Exchange 2003 server experienced a higher load, you could split off to two or more Exchange 2003 servers, each running a separate mailbox stores and therefore “statically” splitting the load between these two or more servers.

It’s important to note though that these multiple servers are running an identical version and installation of Exchange 2003. They are all “fully-featured” Exchange 2003 servers.

Another scenario is when users want to split the load between clients accessing services such as Outlook Web Access and the servers running the mailbox stores. The former would be called the “front-end Exchange server” and the latter would be called the “back-end Exchange server”.

Since the front-end server doesn’t normally run any mailbox stores, then these two installations could be considered to be two different “roles” for Exchange 2003.

Exchange 2007 fully adopts the role methodology, and uses 5 different roles which can each be hosted on a separate server, if you so wish.

In this next video review, I’ll walk you through:

  • edge transport role
  • hub transport role
  • unified messaging role
  • mailbox role
  • client access role

This review video focuses on the new Exchange 2007 roles. The video lasts for 5.5 minutes.

All Exchange 2007 review videos:

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  • Part 10 – roles (5.5 minutes)


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