How To Get Your RSS Feed Information Sent To You Via Email

by ron on July 11, 2012

In a prior post we covered how to get the RSS feed of a Facebook fan page.

Although it’s great being able to track all of your RSS feeds via a central RSS feed reader, such as Google Reader, sometimes you want to keep a very tight focus on a particular subset of your RSS feeds. For example, you may wish to get notified via email when a new post becomes available in a particular RSS feed.

Existing web services for RSS to email conversion

Using IfThisThenThat

Another option is to leverage the fantastic IfThisThenThat web service.

Here are the steps to create a custom RSS to email converter.

  1. Log on to IfThisThenThat
  2. On the top menu, click “Create
  3. You’ll now get the word “ifthisthenthat” coming up on the screen, with “this” highlighted light blue. Click on the “this” link.
  4. Click on the “Feed” icon
  5. Click on “New feed item”
  6. Enter your RSS feed address, and click on “Create Trigger”
  7. Click on the “that” link
  8. Click on the Email icon
  9. Click on “Send me an email”
  10. Optionally customize the email message you’ll receive. Note that the blue bubble items (eg “Entry title”, “Entry Content”, etc) are custom fields which are obtained from the RSS object. You can add additional fields by selecting them from the drop-down menu on the right which says “select an ingredient”.
    If this looks confusing to you, just stick with all of the defaults (you can always customize it later), and then click on “Create Action”.
  11. Give your new recipe a good description. Remember that you may optionally share out this recipe with the general public as well, so a good description is important. Once you’re done, click on “Create Recipe”.

As you get more comfortable with the Ifttt service, you’ll start to realize just how powerful a tool this is, and before you know it you’ll have a whole bunch of recipes activated which automate a large part of your online experience. I love this site !

Apart from being able to create your own custom recipes, remember that you can always just browse through the thousands of existing recipes which other users have already created.


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