How To Protect Your Internal Web Sites

by ron on July 16, 2012

One of the golden rules of security is that there should never be any direct communication between the internet and systems on the internal network. If so, then you may be wondering how to get this kind of setup configured.

Threat Management Gateway (TMG) is a great extra layer of security which can be added to almost all networks in order to protect any internal or DMZ web site. This video will walk you through the two biggest benefits it provides for this kind of protection.

The above video deals with the main two high-level reasons of why you would want to use a reverse-proxy technology such as TMG, but note that TMG is a full-blown firewall with many additional features.

If you want to test out TMG, you can download a fully functional 4 month trial, and also read through the detailed technical resources.

Aside from the above, you’ll also want to bookmark the site, since it’s a goldmine when it comes to very useful technical guiedes and tutorials on TMG.

If you’re after a good book on the subject, then I’d recommend the TMG Admin’s Companion book.



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