Full list of new features in iOS version 5

by ron on October 11, 2011

The new version 5 of the operating system for Apple devices will be released tomorrow (October 12).

Those of you who are eager early adopters may have already been running iOS version 5 for the last few days thanks to a leaked version of the official update.

Over 200 new features

iOS version 5 claims to bring over 200 new features to the operating system.

Apple have released a page showing the top 10 features, and have also released a short video showing off these features.

Apple have also released details of iCloud, and a short video for that as well.

But you may be wondering what the other 190 or so features are…

Being one of these people who want to know every single new bell and whistle on new releases, I hunted around for the most complete list of new iOS 5 features I could find.

The best full feature list I’ve found is here:




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