Watch out Facebook, Microsoft revamp into a powerful social network

by ron on November 13, 2008

Microsoft are leveraging the fact that they have the largest instant messaging community via MSN Messenger, and are integrating all of your MSN Messenger contacts as friends in this new social network they have built.

In the coming days, you’ll be able to go to in order to see this new social network.

You can review the video above for an overview of the service.

They are clearly hoping to steal market share from Facebook/MySpace.  Since they are tightly integrating their powerful technologies (email, photos, spaces, contacts, calendar, skydrive, office live, etc) into this social network, they may just succeed in pulling it off.  Think of it as a powerful personal productivity suite and Facebook rolled into one.

Here’s the Windows Live (wave 3) reviewer guide, showing you much more details of what’s coming very soon:

Windows Live Reviewers Guide – Get more Information Technology


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