TripIT: great way to organize your travel itinerary

by ron on June 30, 2008

TripITWith my current job I have to fly all over the USA doing consulting and presales work. Keeping track of my flights, hotels, and car bookings can sometimes be challenging.

I’ve been using a free web service called TripIT for some time now, and absolutely love it.
It’s a free service that organizes your itinerary for all of your trips.

Using it is very simple.
Whenever you make any travel arrangements (hotel, flight, car, etc), just forward the confirmation email to:
It even supports (OCR) processing of PDF confirmation attachments!

You’ll then get a response letting you know that the info has been added to your itinerary, and a custom link that will take you to the trip details.

It will also include extra details such as maps of the locations you’ll be staying at, weather, etc.

I personally forward all of my trip info into this service, then manually add the customer appointment details, and then end up having all of my travel details in one central place which I can access from anywhere.

You can also add links to other people you know (who are also using TripIT) and it will let you know if your paths intersect so you can catch up with them if they are close.

You can also interact with it via email messaging, via your mobile phone, or via the web from anywhere. SMS text messaging will be available some time in the future.

Use it a couple of times and you’ll be hooked.


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