The “new Win2k bug” hits on March 11, 2007

by ron on March 6, 2007

BugNew daylight savings times which were passed by the Energy Policy Act of 2005 are set to create problems with Windows Server 2003, Windows XP and Exchange Server, unless you run a few updates prior to March 11th, 2007.

Windows Vista systems already have this update installed as part of the operating system.

I can just see that on March 11th there will be many executives and employees being an hour or two late for their scheduled appointments. At least they’ll have a decent excuse; you can blame the USA government for this crazy change.

There’s a very good article describing the problem over at WindowsITPro.

Microsoft have also released a tool that walks you through correcting the problem, and also a list of Microsoft products which are affected.

The problem isn’t limited to just Microsoft though. You’ll need to potentially contact some of your main vendors to see if they have released an update for this issue.

So get to it. You only have a week before things start going nuts and the world comes to an end 😉


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