Speed up online videos (or ads) and give yourself some time back

by ron on November 14, 2008

Everything these days is about online video.

Most of us are spending more and more time watching it.

Many times you find that the content is good but the presenter is going painfully slow.  You know that you could still absorb all of the content if it played faster.  Perhaps this could result in being able to watch a 1 hour video in just half the time.

Well, wish no more…a great free plug-in called MySpeed has been released that allows you to choose the playback speed of online videos.  Speed it up, or slow it down.

Is that an ad I see at the start of the video?  Let me bump up the playback speed to mega-chipmunk-warp-speed until it’s over.  After that I’ll leave it at a speed of 1.5 times, and I can now save myself a good chunk of time when watching videos, while still being able to absorb all of the content.

If you’ve got downloaded video content, even if it’s flash, then you can use the great freeware player called Gom.  This also allows you to control video playback speed.


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Lenore November 15, 2008 at 9:10 am

Wow, very cool Ron, thanks for finding this. This great for watching political speeches on CNN Video.


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