sneak peak at Windows Server Virtualization under Windows Longhorn

by ron on March 12, 2007

Video: Longhorn – Windows Server Virtualization

Here’s a sneak peak at the new Windows Server Virtualization technology running under Windows Longhorn, which is due out later this year (hopefully).

The 6 minute video shows:

  • Windows Server Virtualization running on Longhorn Server Core, managed from another Windows Server Longhorn box
  • a combination of 64-bit guest virtual machines, 32-bit guest VMs and a Linux VM running on the same server core box
  • An 8-core virtual machine
  • System Center Virtual Machine Manager, which is new technology to manage all of the virtual machines running inside of the Windows Server Virtualization technology
  • System Center Operations Manager, showing how it is able to remotely monitor the health of all the virtual machines and proactively fix the issues
  • using a PowerShell script to hot-add a second network card into a live SQL virtual machine

This will definitely significantly close the gap between Microsoft and VMware ESX.

We’ll have to wait until we can get our hands dirty before being able to compare the two side by side.

You should also bear in mind that by the time Longhorn is released, VMware may have come up with a bunch of new features to expand the gap once again.


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