Slice and dice Google search results

by ron on May 13, 2009

Google has just launched a new set of search features which allow you to slice and dice their search results.

Whenever you do a new search, you are now presented with a new “Search options” link. This allows you to filter your search by different types of results (videos, forums, and reviews), by time (recent, past 24 hours, past week, past year), seeing related searches, a “wonder wheel” view, or a timeline view.

Here’s a short video showing you some of these new features:

When it comes to digging into search trends, Google also has had some other powerful tools available for some time.

Google Trends can show you the top hot recent trends, and it allows you to compare the search traffic volumes over time for a number of search terms.

Google Insights for Search is even more powerful than Google Trends when it comes to the ability to drill into search terms. The only thing missing from Insights is the list of hot recent search queries; for that you’ll still need to use Google Trends.


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