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by ron on June 24, 2008

Following on from the last post, here are a few extra new Google services you may have missed.

Some months ago Google purchased a company called Jott, who had one of the best wiki collaboration technologies available.
They later customized the code by their own engineers and released Google Sites.
Here’s a short video showing this new service.

You can now also get street level views when you do a search for driving directions on Google Maps.
Here’s a short video on this service.

Google Earth has also added some new features.
If you’re into astronomy, then remember that you can also check out Google Moon and Google Mars, as well as Google Sky.

For those of you who have a TomTom device, you can even send Google Map data to your TomTom.
Here’s a video on that.

Last but not least, there’s Goog-411, which will help you get free directory service information.


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