Microsoft will attempt to challenge Google with Bing

by ron on May 28, 2009

Current search engine use is split at around 75% to Google, 15% to Yahoo, 5% to Microsoft and 5% to other 2nd tier search engines.

In an attempt to try to challenge Google’s dominance over the search market, Microsoft is about to release Bing.  It is expected to soft-launch in the next few days, and be formally launched on June 3rd.

The main way they will attempt to differentiate themselves from Google is by classifying search results, and allow you to reach the information you are after in a shorter amount of timeā€¦..assuming it works as they wish.

Search results are customized based on whether you are doing a search for health, travel, shopping, news or sports.  For example, when you search for a product (eg digital cameras), you will see results which allow you to drill in to comparison pricing, reviews, images, etc.

For certain types of searches, it seems to look promising.  We’ll need to wait a few days before we can play with it and find out.

Microsoft have released a press kit, showing screenshots, fact sheets and a reviewer’s guide.

[Update]: Bing is now live, and initial feedback is surprisingly positive.

[Update 2]: Compare Google and Bing results side by side.

[Update 3]: Bing Travel has launched

[Update 4]: Bing search engine use surpasses Yahoo (for the first time ever), but their rise is short-lived. Only lasts one day.


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