Microsoft quietly drop Digital Imaging Suite

by ron on June 26, 2007

Digital Imaging SuiteMicrosoft has decided to quietly discontinue the Digital Imaging Suite product line, saying that all of the features can now be found in Windows Vista.

The Microsoft Digital Imaging Suite is an excellent set of tools for managing your digital photos. It has a photo library organizer and also a very powerful and easy to use photo editor. I personally believe that it’s the best of breed photo management and editing suite that’s currently available on the PC. I’m quite sad to see this product be discontinued.

But all the features are now in Windows Vista, right? Nope! Only a limited subset of features are available in Windows Vista. Microsoft Digital Imaging Suite is vastly superior to the features available in Windows Vista.

I’ve personally tried out all of the photo management and editing features in Vista myself, and then quickly found that I went back to installing and using Digital Imaging Suite.

Sales of Digital Imaging Suite will continue until current supplies run out, and existing customers will be supported for another 3 years or so (April 30, 2010).

The software is still available for purchase via Amazon

If you don’t own a copy of this software, then you may want to consider getting a copy before it goes away forever.


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