Import Camtasia screencast captures into Sony Vegas 64-bit [video]

by ron on March 29, 2010

vegas I normally use a screen capture tool called Camtasia in order to create videos.

Even though Camtasia has a built-in video/audio editor, I prefer using a semi-professional video editor called Sony Vegas.

When I upgraded to Windows 7 recently, I decided to install the 64-bit version of Windows 7 in order to get the maximum amount of performance out of my system.

Of course, you want to try to also install as many 64-bit applications on top of your new 64-bit operating system in order to get maximum leverage of the new technology.  So I therefore installed the 64-bit edition of Sony Vegas.

The problem I ran into was that when I would try to import my screen captures from Camtasia into Sony Vegas, Vegas would only see the audio track and would not properly import the video track.

After doing some digging I found out that the reason for this is that the 64-bit edition of Sony Vegas no longer supports the 32-bit codec (think of this as a “recording format”) which Camtasia uses.

Therefore what you need to do is to replace the default Camtasia Techsmith video codec with an alternate 64-bit lossless codec.

I’m currently using the free Lagarith 64-bit lossless codec.

The video below shows you how to go about configuring Camtasia with the Lagarith codec in order to be able to import your screencasts into the 64-bit version of Sony Vegas.


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brooksandrus March 30, 2010 at 6:16 pm

I recommend exporting your videos from Camtasia as MPEG-4 AVC (h.264) with the following settings:

– Main Profile
– Level 3.2
– Target bitrate of 6 mbps
– AAC audio 320 kbps
– Common SD / HD dimensions (i.e. 480p / 720p / 1080p)

Your file size will drop dramatically and you won't be able to see a quality difference (though lossy h.264 is good enough to fool the eyes). I edit screen videos exported with these settings in Adobe Premiere & FCP regularly with fantastic results.

*Disclosure* I work for TechSmith


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