If you thought the iPhone had a cool interface, wait until you see Microsoft Surface

by ron on June 7, 2007

Microsoft SurfaceMicrosoft have just released one of their new hardware/software inventions called Microsoft Surface.

It’s a multi-touch multi-user interface which allows you to manipulate digital items directly with your fingers, without requiring a mouse or keyboard.

Even though the interface looks excellent, the amazing thing is seeing how the “surface computer” is able to interact with physical objects such as credit cards, media players, and digital cameras.

Drop your camera onto the surface computer and it instantly sucks out all of the photos; you can then use your finger to drag them into another camera which is also placed on top of the surface computer. Nice and easy.

The best way to comprehend this new invention is to have a look at a few videos:

  • Video 1 – from Microsoft’s Channel 10 blog (18 minutes)
  • Video 2 – video from Popular Mechanics (4 minutes)

For more information you can also head on over to the Microsoft Surface homepage.


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