Google Wave could revolutionize the way we communicate and collaborate

by ron on May 28, 2009

Google Wave will be released some time later this year.

It’s tough trying to describe how it works, since it does so much.


Think of it as a merger of: email, blogs, wiki, RSS, real-time collaborative editing (with version control), social networking, project management, ability to embed a Wave on any blog or website, and extensions allowing it to hook into almost anything.

It will act as your central communication hub for almost anything you want to do.

The best way to get a feel for how this will work and the potential of how it can be extended is by watching the above video. Yes, it’s an 80 minute demo, but that goes to show just how much functionality is available in the product.

[Update]: here’s some short clip videos of the highlights.

Google Wave will be made available as an open source product, meaning that you will be able to host this application yourself within your internal corporate boundary (as well as Google hosting it on the Internet). If you wish to collaborate with people also hosting Google Wave but located at a different company, then the two Google Wave servers will be able to hook up via federation services.

I’m definitely looking forward to testing this out.

[Update]: here’s a more detailed explanation of the features (link 1, link 2), and you can also read through an interview with the Wave founders (link 1, link 2).


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