Get invites to private beta sites months before they launch

by ron on March 19, 2009

vaultI often have people ask me how I get access to various cool private sites months before they launch.

For example, there’s a lot of buzz right now regarding the new Google Voice service, which is being added to Google’s GrandCentral site.

Google Voice is being made available to existing GrandCentral users today, but the catch is that GrandCentral is still in private beta, meaning that it’s not yet open to the public at large.

Well, I’ve been on GrandCentral now for close to a year or so (if I’m not mistaken).

Here’s my dirty little secret: if you want the latest invites to the best private sites, sign up to InviteShare. You can then add yourself to the waiting list for whichever site you want, and you’ll normally get one. GrandCentral invites are currently available, but the waiting list is starting to get fairly big due to all of the buzz on Google Voice.

So what are you waiting for? Go and get on the GrandCentral waiting list over at InviteShare right now! 🙂


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