Don’t get ripped off when registering a new domain name

by ron on June 18, 2007

DNS providerLet’s first start with some of the people suffering the most: people wanting to register domains other than those ending in a .com

I say that they are suffering the most because of the elevated price they pay for this registration. On top of that, the biggest players typically rip off the customers, charging them at least twice as much as what you can get elsewhere.

For example, let’s look at if you wanted to register a domain.

The biggest player in this market is MelbourneIT (charging AU$140 for 2 years).

Let’s do some quick shopping around, and see if we can find some alternatives:

Here’s the link to the cheapest domain registrar I’ve been able to find for registering domains, priced at just AU$30 for 2 years.

That’s a 79% saving over what almost everyone else is paying for domain registrations at MelbourneIT.

Now let’s flip over to registering .com domains.

If you were to go to the big Australian providers for domain registrations, you would find the following prices:

If we look at the international big players, we’ll find:

I’ll cut right to the chase and tell you that for all domain registrations other than, you should head on over to GoDaddy.
GoDaddy charge just US$8.95 per year for .com domains, and are now one of the largest domain registrars on the planet.

GoDaddy currently have a sale on for .info domains, being priced at just US$0.99 for one year.


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